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Joy Authentically Shines Through

I got to hang with my long time colleague Shashu during the MLive Women’s Summit this week where we both had the pleasure of delivering messages of wellness to part of the 350 women in attendance.

My hope is you can feel from this picture just how much fun we had. When I look at myself, it’s clear there is joy present, but the kind of joy that can be seen and felt hasn’t always been there. In fact, if you were to look at me in pictures taken before I went on this deep healing journey more than five years ago, you would see something altogether different. There was a heaviness I was carrying. You could see it in my skin, my physical weight, and at times, the way I dressed.

I once got in a debate with someone who staunchly believed that you can be joyful, but not express it, and of course that couldn’t be further from the truth. When we’re in a state of joy, we’re in pure light. And that pure light form is visceral. It radiates. It’s expressive. It’s kind. You can’t deny this kind of joy.

Joy is such a vulnerable expression that many of us aren’t comfortable allowing ourselves to experience. In times of expressing joy, we may have even heard people inquire what we’re so happy about, as if, there is something problematic with expressing joy.

Joy is part of our human design, just waiting to be unleashed through the cultivation of internal and external practice. Allowing yourself to be silly, choosing experiences that are going to be fun, and ultimately letting your hair down a little, or a lot (my vote) has the power to make life so much more pleasurable. And from an internal standpoint, it also requires stillness so you can truly know what things will bring you joy, while developing the ability to choose joy in spite of what comes your way.

Giving ourselves permission to draw in unspeakable joy has the power to change everything. We’re worthy of experiencing the kind of joy that makes us feel good the majority of the time. So go on and give yourself the gift of having more joy in your life.

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Let’s get this joy,

Demarra West


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