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Life Is Meant to Be Lived Right Now

The Infamous Creek Street in Ketchikan, Alaska

Hey beautiful people! I recently returned from an Alaskan cruise and baby one word to sum up the experience would be glorious. Alaska has been on my bucket list for a long time and when my daughter went to Europe with nineteen of her classmates as part of her high school graduation gift, I figured what better time than now. 

NOW is such an important emphasis because so often we’re waiting on someone or something to give us permission to live how we want to live right now. And the reality is the only thing time is waiting on is you. 

I’m reading The Four Agreements right now for the second time and it is transforming me on a deep level – and couldn’t have come at a better time in my life with rapid change unfolding right now as we speak.

One of the things the book emphasizes is that people are not just afraid of death they are afraid to live. 

Anytime we are living less than all we are, for example, denying ourselves to have experiences that we really want or simply being a carbon copy of someone else, we aren’t living fully.

I believe we can curate heaven everyday by living aligned fully with ourselves and prizing joy and peace above all.

The only way we can effectively do this is through practice. Day by day. Emotion by emotion. Thought by thought. 

We have more than 50,000 opportunities (aka thoughts) each day, based on science, to think for ourselves which allows us to be more of ourselves.

Make those 50,000 thoughts count by joining us for some special upcoming offerings that will have you saying YES to life right now. Not tomorrow, not a month from now, not a year from now, but NOW. Tomorrow isn’t promised to us so let’s make all of this beautifully precious life we have count for however long we have it.

First, Girl Yes You Can!: Travel The Globe on a Shoestring will be on July 14th from 12:30-1 p.m. ET. This is a FREE workshop to help you explore some of the best ways I’ve saved on traveling to thirty-one countries across six continents, not to mention more than thirty-five states.

Additionally our next day retreat is on July 15th and our luxurious overnight retreat is from September 28th to October 1st, 2023. And don’t forget to become part of our virtual Global Be My Sisters Keeper community—a place of wellness and business support and sisterhood.

Plus our Group Mastermind Coaching Program kicks off on July 14th as well. This impactful program will have you more rapidly achieving what you want for your life by helping you ask for your worth, maximizing your time, making more time for yourself, and ultimately whatever you desire. But don’t take our word for it – see below for the testimonials. And anyone in Kalamazoo County who needs some financial assistance, we got you! Just click here to apply for up to a full needs based scholarship. You can even schedule a complimentary 20-minute call with me to get a taste of what you can expect.

If you want more customized support feel free to schedule a complimentary consultation here to discuss ways we can uniquely support you on your wellness, leadership, and business journey!

Saying yes right now as we speak,

Demarra West


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