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Getting to the Finish Line


Y’all I’m over 46,000 words into my completed manuscript for my first book, Me Too:A Therapists Journey to Heal From Complex Trauma, Find Liberation & Joy. I’m not even going to lie – writing this book has been quite challenging at times. Although it took me sixteen years to decide that once and for all I was going to write it, and I’ve been steadfast at getting to the finish line, there have been moments of downright gut wrench.

When we feel destined to do something, sometimes we believe the road should be easy, but depending on the weight of what we’re seeking, the journey could be mired with a lot of ebb and flow, bursts of joy and pain, and bouts of possibilities and fear.

Flow state doesn’t always mean easy, at times it means that God/Universe/Source will grant us with everything we need to get to the finish line. But we have to do the work and accept whatever comes along with it – honoring our thoughts and emotions as they present themselves, and then getting back to the business of what we’re pursuing when we’re ready.

When Source/Universe/God told me that I’d have everything I needed to write this book, I had no idea what they actually meant was I would have everything I need to get to the finish line. So although I don’t know when I will actually get to the finish line I’m trusting the process. In other words, I’ll get there when I get there, and so will you, my loves.

So go on and commit to that big thing you want to do, that at times may take your breathe away. You’re worthy of having it, achieving it, being it.

In the meantime Be Well Beautiful Woman is here to be of service in a multitude of ways to support you in making your deepest desires come to life, like the Be Well Beautiful Woman podcast that just released nineteen episodes, including the audio interviews from the Women Who Write to Liberate Summit, the virtual Global Be My Sisters Keeper Community, Day Retreats, and our Group Mastermind Coaching Program.

Not to mention, we can jump on a call to explore where you are on your wellness, leadership and business pathway, and how we can best serve you. Just contact us here to schedule a consultation.

You’ve got this,

Demarra West


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