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Never Underestimate the Power of Action


More than a year ago we launched Black Women About Business. It was shortly after I enrolled in an 11-month business incubation program for women and discovered out of about 450 women, there were a handful of people of color, and maybe three African American women in total across the globe. A couple months into the program I realized that it wasn’t a space for me-more specifically it wasn’t a space that I wanted to invest in. Not that I couldn’t get something essential out of it, I mean, even your enemy can be your teacher, but I just knew deep down in my soul it wasn’t what I wanted, so I walked away-some of my money and all-and several months later I started to lay the foundation for this work.

In the first few months of our soft launch I had reached out to several people who write for publications relevant to our work. Hundreds of emails, Facebook & LinkedIn Messages, & IM’s, resulted in very little responses. We did get some on-line love from Black EnterpriseThe UndefeatedBlavityAfroPunk and more, but publications focused on black women were MIA. And those were the ones we felt we needed, more than anything, to really make our visibility mark on the world. 

Nearly eighteen months later I got a response from someone who writes for one of those major publications. She said she had been holding on to the message, waiting to see what would transpire from our efforts, and wanted to know how things were going. I responded right away, shared information about our Be Well Fabulous Black Woman Tour, and more, and guess what?!?! We will be interviewing with her very soon!

So this is the truth of the matter. We should take advantage of every opportunity that is availed to us when we are working on launching our work. We should talk to as many people as possible, do our research, and actually begin implementing what we learn. Doers are very different than dreamers. We have to do in order to see what can actually happen as a result of our efforts. That requires us to fail hard and fast, to pivot as quickly as possible, to act and then move on with hope our actions will manifest into something essential, to have grace for ourselves and others along the way. It requires unspeakable faith when it appears that nothing is happening, because the reality is we never know who we’re going to meet on this journey, who will say yes to our vision, who will be willing to help us, and the magic that will happen as a result of what we were destined to create in this world. 

The Be Well Fabulous Black Woman Tour is an opportunity for you to do. You never know who you will meet when you get there, what words or actions are going to inspire you, what new ideas will be sparked, and what beautiful human connections you will make. So do whatever you have to do to be with us. Take the day off, get a scholarship (contact us here if you really need one thanks to the generosity of our sponsors), hitch a ride. WHATEVER it takes because you and your dreams are worth it! And make sure you share this with every woman in your network. We want every woman who wants to join us to be there! 

Our last tour stop is in Grand Rapids on June 4 at the Crowne Plaza. You’ll hear from Dr. Lynn Richardson, MC Lyte’s business partner & financial celebrity expert (think Suze Orman), Dr. Geneva Speaks, Ms. Black Fine & Fit Beauty Queen, Lisa A. Smith, Professionally Fit, LLC and founder of the Black Health Academy, and so many more.

There are also vending and sponsorship opportunities available for the tour. If you want to be a vendor here is the form. If you’re interested in sponsoring the event, you can reach us here

In the spirit of action,

Demarra Gardner


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