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Productivity By Any Means Necessary


If you attended last years Be Well Fabulous Black Woman Tour, which is now the Be Well Beautiful Woman Tour, you got a chance to meet Lisa A. Smith. Lisa, a Detroit native, is a certified plant-based nutritionist, author of The Plant Based Foodie, founder of the Black Heath Academy & Professionally Fit, nonprofit leader, speaker, blogger, and podcaster. With the litany of things she has going on in her life, I’m sure you wonder how the hell she does it. 

There aren’t many people that I have met that have been so tenaciously driven towards their goals. Nothing, and I do mean nothing, gets in this woman’s way of creating beauty in the world-not even romantic relationships. Lisa, a woman I’m privileged to call friend, dishes it up with me so we can learn the secrets to her productivity success.

DW: What is the main driver for you to stay so focused? 

LAS: I have a soul tie to the work that I do. All of the things I do are centered around health and wellness with a focus on plant based nutrition. I’m so tied to that mission. What gets me out of bed every morning is my die hard belief that what I’m teaching, coaching, and speaking is literally giving people the results I’m selling. I teach it because I do it. It takes little effort for me because what I do is simply an extension of who I am.

DW: It’s easy for you because it’s a manifestation of who you are. That’s powerful. Talk to us about the top ways you stay productive.

LAS: I believe in systems. I use Calendly to save time on coordinating scheduling. Google Calendar links right with Calendy so once it’s booked I don’t have to take the extra step to put it in my calendar. I use NotePad to jot down tasks, meeting notes, and creative ideas throughout the day. I’m also a big believer in doing things immediately. I call this being a ‘chronic action taker’.

DW: That was really rich. I use all the tools you’ve described and they have really worked to simplify my life and get my invaluable time back. I’m really intrigued with this idea of you being a ‘chronic action taker’. Tell us more about that. 

LAS: Being a ‘chronic action taker’ is about relieving stress, but if you plan to start, also plan to finish-you get way more credit for finishing than you do starting. 

DW: And what about intimate relationships? I find relationships, more than anything, can get the best of us. Good, bad, or indifferent, sharing your life with people you love can be a time and energy drainer. How do you prevent that from happening to you?

LAS: Relationships also have to have systems. And those systems are relationship tiered. If we have a real connection you fall higher on the tier, which gives you more access to my life, but you still need to get on my schedule. Those that earn their way into my circle understand that, those that don’t, well, simply don’t make the cut.

Well there you have it y’all. I hope you feel as inspired as I do at this point. Right after my interview, I went hard at producing work. It goes to show you that the people you surround yourself with have a major influence on you. The saying ‘whoever has your ear, has your heart’ is so on point. Make room for us to have your ear, so we can influence your heart by attending the Be Well Beautiful Woman Tour coming to a city near you starting in March 2020. Our promotional tour video was just completed and is featured below. Take a few moments to view for yourself why you should get your ticket today! To inquire now contact us here

In the meantime loves, let’s get it,

Demarra West

Be Well Beautiful Woman Founder

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