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Relationships are Queen


I’ve been thinking a lot about the value of relationships lately. Although my awareness about this came early on in my career, I’ve never really considered the monetary value of these relationships.

In relationships, particularly business relationships, I’ve always had the long game in mind. The short game are things like delivering what we say we’re going to, giving our clients a great experience while working with them, timely communication, and more. This is just the beginning. A few blogs back I wrote about my formula for providing a great customer experience. If you missed that, please contact us here and we’ll be sure to provide you with this information.

The long game entails treating clients as if they’re going to be in your life for years to come. And because they’re going to be in your life for years to come you take the time to actually get to know them. And because you genuinely want to get to know them you keep in touch with them, with examples, such as, coffee meetings, information sharing, and remembering their birthday. 

When people are treated like people they notice. It’s one of the things that adds to my value proposition; leaving a lasting impression by building authentic relationships. Outside of the fact that I have never had to market my consulting practice, Change Agent Consulting, due to repeat clients and word of mouth, I have countless examples of clients who have given me enormous favor which I’m still reaping the benefits from. Some of my top examples include:

  • Event sponsorships (value: $20K+)
  • Becoming certified as a professional life coach (value: $10K+)
  • Becoming certified in trauma informed yoga (value: $5K)

And this wasn’t even everything. Relationships are Queen y’al! TD Jakes said it best, ‘favor ain’t fair’. It really isn’t, but it all makes sense. When you do right by people, they’ll do right by you. 

The bottom line is treat people well, be intentional about building relationships, and remember it’s the little things that count. And ultimately you can’t do any of this unless you actually care about people. People are keen enough to know, for the most part, when that is not the case. I have learned through experience that you do get something in return for the way you treat people. It’s not why you do it, but what we put out in the world energetically, we often get back.

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In the name of relationships,

Demarra West


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