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The Real Cost of Doing Business


Every time we have an offering, such as the Be Well Fabulous Black Woman Tour which will become the Be Well Fabulous Woman Tour starting March, 2020, or the Be Well Beautiful Woman Retreat, the question is raised about why the experience is so much. It’s an interesting question. One that I felt compelled to explore for anyone who has ever wondered, why so much?!?!? 

Let me start by saying that we have the right to question anything, anytime, for any reason. Make no mistake about that. But, I would like us to consider the root of what makes us ask the question to begin with. I can understand that question coming from folks who may not understand the real cost of doing business. I can even appreciate this question coming from individuals who may not be able to afford an experience we’re offering. What I struggle with, however, is the question coming from those who simply don’t truly value what we’re offering so they attempt to get it at a reduced rate or free. 

Our values are ultimately represented in the way we spend our money. It never ceases to amaze me the people who claim they can’t afford something, or try to get a cheaper price, simply because they want to have the experience, but are not willing to invest in the real cost of getting it. When we want to “beauty up” or buy the latest technology or go to that concert to see one of our favorite artists, we find a way to make it happen. We will throw money at things that lose value, temporary highs, and external beauty, so why is it when it comes to our wellness and other things that really matter, we short change ourselves? Things like our professional development, supplements to enhance our well-being, experiences that help us manifest into the highest versions of ourselves, and more. 

There are a myriad of ways to be well, and we work hard to ensure that people have access to not only the things that cost them money, but also the things that only cost them their time. We also work diligently to ensure that we can make our services accessible, which is why we offer payment plans, hustle to get sponsors, and even provide people with an opportunity to customize what they can afford. 

We work tirelessly to not turn anyone away, as much as we can control for, and the reality is sometimes we have to turn people away because at the end of the day, Be Well Beautiful Woman was designed to be a revenue generating social enterprise. It is work that is mission-focused, purpose-filled, and one that is intended to make money. For those who can afford to pay ‘market’ rate for what we provide, we expect that, and for those who can’t we do our best to provide a space for you, regardless of what you’re able to pay. 

So you might be wondering what the cost of doing something like the Be Well Beautiful Woman retreat is. In full transparency, we’re happy to provide you with this information in hopes of eliminating the why so much question:

  • Gull Lake Ministries Double Condo Accommodations: $170 per person
  • All Meals: $80 per person
  • Supplies: $50 per person
  • Snacks: $25 per person
  • The Plant Based Foodie Cookbook: $13 per person
  • Bird Sanctuary & other on-site activities: $10 per person

This doesn’t include time to prep, time invested in facilitating, marketing to promote, and potentially paying for other facilitators. When you factor those additional things in, the revenue that we’d make off of this experience would be around 25% per person. And technically, even potentially less, considering that doesn’t account for promotional discounts, like the $300 cost savings for those who book together ($150 off per person).

If you don’t have the context for how much things cost, you might be under the false pretense that someone is trying to gouge you. Quite the contrary for us at Be Well Beautiful Woman. We implore you to do your own research to get a sense of what similar experiences cost. We believe that what you will discover is that our prices are aligned with the market. In fact, what we charge for an all inclusive weekend retreat with the kind of programming we’re providing, is much lower than most.

At the end of the day, we want to serve women period. Women from all walks of life. Women who want to take their wellness to the next level. Women who want to be around women like them. Women longing to recharge. Women looking to grow. If you’re one of those women, we believe you already understand the value of what we’re doing. If you’re not, then hopefully now you will. Either way, we’re here to serve you. All of you. When you’re ready, we’ll be here to serve you. When you’re ready, we can find a way together to make space for you to invest in yourself. 

The next Be Well Beautiful Woman Retreat is August 21-23, 2020 and can be found here. That gives you plenty of time to plan monetarily to join us. Interested in getting on a payment plan for this experience? Then reach out here and just know we got you! 

We just launched our new Facebook page and we’d love for you to follow us there, on Twitter, and Instagram.

Be well beauties,

Demarra West


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