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Wellness is the Connecting Point Between Being & Becoming


I have asked myself the question ‘who am I?’ a 1,000 times. And I know that many people ask themselves the same question. Some of us, depending on where we are in our lives, may know unequivocally the answer to that question, and other times that answer seems to elude us. That’s because we are always evolving, or more so, evolution is happening all around us, whether we evolve or not.

What I have found is that the more well I am, the more able I am to not only define with certainty who I am, but be clear about who I am striving to become. Wellness literally creates the mental, emotional, and physical space we need to be one with self, to make decisions in our best interest, to be vulnerable, to stay in our truths, to have a clear vision for ourselves, and to walk away from people and things that are not aligned with us. When we do that we create flow in our lives. Anyone who has experienced flow, knows that from this place, magic begins to take root. We meet that perfect person, get that breakthrough we’ve been waiting for, and even the strength to do things we never thought we could.

The Be Well Fabulous Black Woman Tour is one of the ways we can practice wellness, and therefore get clearer on who we are, and who we’re striving to become. Being around like minded people can act as fuel for our dreams, hearing from people who have done amazing work across their lifespan can inspire us to have a greater vision for ourselves, and being in a fun space (with a DJ and great raffle prizes) can spur creativity.  

Our last tour stop of the year is in Grand Rapids on June 4 at the Crowne Plaza. You’ll hear from Dr. Lynn Richardson, MC Lyte’s business partner who she says helped build her wealth, and many other multi-generational women, like Dr. Geneva Speaks, Ms. Black Fine & Fit Beauty Queen, Lisa A. Smith, Professionally Fit, LLC and founder of the Black Health Academy. There will also be networking, a strategy session, powerful breakouts, vendors, a live DJ, amazing raffle prizes, and fun! To purchase your ticket go here. We’ll be ending with a riverboat tour at 6 p.m. so even if you can’t be with us for the day, please join us for our after party. 

Finally, we don’t want to turn any woman away who wants to be with us, so if money is a barrier click here to fill out our scholarship form thanks to the generosity of our sponsors like AT&T. 

There are also vending and sponsorship opportunities available for the tour. If you want to be a vendor here is the form. If you’re interested in sponsoring the event, you can reach us here

In the spirit of being & becoming,

Demarra Gardner


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