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December 2019

I’m a Therapist & I Have Depression

This is the first time I’ve shared this truth with the world. The only people who were privy of this knowledge were those closest to me. Not because I felt shame about being depressed, but because of the perception that many people hold that someone like me shouldn’t be struggling with something like depression.

Wellness is the Connecting Point Between Being & Becoming

I have asked myself the question ‘who am I?’ a 1,000 times. And I know that many people ask themselves the same question. Some of us, depending on where we are in our lives, may know unequivocally the answer to that question, and other times that answer seems to elude us. That’s because we are always evolving, or more so, evolution is happening all …

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Productivity By Any Means Necessary

If you attended last years Be Well Fabulous Black Woman Tour, which is now the Be Well Beautiful Woman Tour, you got a chance to meet Lisa A. Smith. Lisa, a Detroit native, is a certified plant-based nutritionist, author of The Plant Based Foodie, founder of the Black Heath Academy & Professionally Fit, nonprofit leader, speaker, blogger, and podcaster. With the litany of things …

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